Welcome to Futuristguy’s Researcher Notes!


Lady Justice

I am by profession an editor. Since the early 1980s, I’ve worked for a diverse clientele. They may write from popular to academic works, with a broad range of topics: forms of abuse and violence, public health, medical research, psychology and personal recovery, systematic theology, cultural analysis, church planting, learning styles, “gamified” trainings and simulations, grant proposals, academic course catalogues, and procedure manuals.

I am by passion a research writer. Since 2007, my primary research writing focus has been on church and ministry cases of systemic abuse, misuse of authority, clergy misconduct, and other forms of abuse and violence. Secondarily, I write and edit materials on the parallel set of issues in society.

So, much of my work intersects with issues involving systemic abuse, personal recovery, and social change. I started this blog because I saw the need for a central place with the links to go with concepts I reference regularly when I write or when people ask me questions. And I decided to include some instructions about how to access public information that is crucial to developing a well-researched case study. I figured that if I was looking for these kinds of information all in one place, other people might be, too.

I found some of the sources during my own research work. Some have been linked to periodically by others in survivor communities and I ran across them there. If someone in particular was the source of a concept or link, I will note that.

This Researcher Notes site won’t have everything you might want or need to study systemic abuse, but hopefully it will provide some helpful resources.

~ brad/futuristguy