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Content Descriptions – Pages and Sections

2-01 Different Thresholds of Evidence: Criminal, Civil, Regulatory, Social

  • Different Situations and Their Thresholds of Evidence: Criminal Cases, Civil Lawsuits, IRS Investigations
  • “Trial” by Social Media and Public Opinion When Situations Involve “Public Figures”
  • Spoliation of Evidence

2-02 Independent vs. Internal Investigations

  • Overview of Key Issues Regarding Investigations into Abuse Accusations
  • GRACE: Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment

2-03 Training/Certification Programs on Dealing with Abuse and Violence

  • GRACE: Child Safeguarding Leader Training Curriculum and Certification Program
  • Global Trauma Recovery Institute, and Websites for Dr. Diane Langberg, Dr. Philip Monroe, and Trauma Healing Institute
  • Other Training/Certification Programs on Dealing with Abuse and Violence

2-04 Citizen Journalists/Bloggers, Limited Public Figures, and The Streisand Effect

  • “Citizen Journalists” and the Digital Media Law Project
  • “Limited Public Figures”
  • The Streisand Effect: “When Trying to Hide Something Makes It More Visible.”
  • Digital Dissent Resources

2-05 Social Media, Digital Dissent, and Dealing with Cyberbullying

  • Information to be added.

2-06 Recording Phone Calls and Conversations

  • Key Questions on Recordings, Consent, and Legal Consequences
  • Matthiesen, Wickert & Lehrer, S.C., Attorneys at Law: Laws on Recording Conversations in All 50 States

2-07 SLAPP/Anti-SLAPP Lawsuits; Defamation, Libel, Slander

  • Strategic Litigation Against Public Participants: SLAPP and Anti-SLAPP Lawsuits
  • Some Key Anti-SLAPP Websites
    • California Anti-SLAPP Project
    • The Public Participation Project (PPP) hosts pages on State Anti-SLAPP Laws
    • First Amendment Project – The Anti-SLAPP Resource Center
  • “Limited Public Figures” and Their Threefold Criteria for Proving Defamation

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