I’d Appreciate Your Help in Reviewing This Blog! (UPDATED)

Some of us bloggers in abuse survivor communities have periodically talked behind the scenes about our need for:

1. Some sort of research clearinghouse for resources on abuse and violence. We see the many underlying similarities among dynamics in all forms of abuse, and also the need for information sources on personal recovery, relational advocacy, and institutional accountability.

2. Some kind of listing about denominational policies, resources, and case studies. Both survivor experiences and research work show that situations of abuse and violence have emerged in every theological stream, every organizational form of church governance, and in both centralized and decentralized networks.

There have been some collaborate efforts toward those goals in the past, but getting a site together or maintaining it have been difficult. Since much of my work in survivor activism has involved research writing articles and case studies, I know the value of having go-to sources on the many complicated, interrelated issues that arise. I felt moved by the recent #MeToo and #ChurchToo movements that this was a providential moment when need #1 — creating a research/resource clearinghouse — was both urgent and important. (Need #2 is still important in the long run. But it would be a huge project, and I believe it would be more effective if core topics on systemic abuse get addressed first as a way to determine criteria to evaluate the efficacy of denominational resources.)

So, this is my attempt to set up a site that can serve as a comprehensive framework for crowd-sourcing additional resources on key research issues, and an accessible format for people to share the findings. (It won’t be a site for resources on recovery from specific types of abuse, violence, or trauma situations. I will leave that for others who feel called to take up that task.)

Are you interested in suggesting corrections, additional topics, and/or other resource organizations and research tools?

1. LIST OF TENTATIVE TOPICS. See the Table of Contents page for the listing of categories and topics. Each topic has its own separate page. Where I’ve uploaded the review draft of content, the topic title line will have a link (orange) and is ready for review. I will tweet when I upload new categories or topics. If you want to follow those, see @futuristguy on Twitter.

2. HOW TO SUBMIT COMMENTS. For the review period only, the comment section will be open on all pages, with comments set NOT to post publicly. So, you can submit corrections and suggestions on that topic and what you post is confidential.

3. WHAT HAPPENS TO INPUT. Comments will go through a checking and selection process. Those points and items accepted will be posted with no identification of who submitted them — unless you want your contribution to be noted, in which case I’ll credit you with submitting it.

Other notes about the process and timeline:

I am doing this in my spare time, as a volunteer. Because of current work-related commitments, I do not expect to have the capacity to respond to comments.

I hope to finish an initial round of posting on all topics by early March with articles and research I’ve already done, then process input from the first round of reader reviews plus additional materials from my e-files to update posts by the end of March. [UPDATE 02-19-2018. I have posted a first go-round of resources for all the pages planned for the site, and deleted any references to tentative pages that I have removed because I combined them elsewhere or determined they don’t fit the purpose of this website.]

I will post a notice when the review period is over and the pages have gone through a first updating. (Corrections and suggestions can still be submitted after that.)

Thanks in advance for your interest in this Systemic Abuse Researcher Notes. I hope you will find something of use here!

~ brad/futuristguy


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