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Content Descriptions – Pages and Sections

3-01 Narcissism, Sociopathology, and Bullying Personality Disorders

  • Out of the FOG Website
  • Some Suggested Resources: Bullies, Leaders, and Enablers with Personality Disorders

3-02 Abuse Conditioning and Cover-Ups

  • Robert Jay Lifton and His Eight Criteria of “Sociological Cults”
  • Frameworks for Thinking Through Victimization Tactics and Resulting Loss of Freedoms
  • Some Suggested Resources for Exploring Survivors’ and Experts’ Views of Conditioning Tactics (Grooming, Mind-Control, Brainwashing, Recovery, “Reprogramming”)

3-03 Pyramid of Abuse and Culpability/Complicity

How Do Abusive Systems Get Going and Maintain Momentum? The “Pyramid of Abuse” Shows Us the Who and the How.

  • Roles at the Top: Perpetrators and Perpetuators
  • Start-Up for a Pyramid of Abuse
  • Roles in the Middle: Procurators
    • Extinguishers: Silencers, Diverters, and Negators
    • Reinforcers: Prompters, Drill Instructors, and Validators
    • Positive Conditioning, Negative Conditioning, and Good Cop/Bad Cap All In One
  • Roles at the Base: Four Types of Pawns
  • Looking at All Four Layers in a Pyramid of Abuse
  • Looking at the Scale of Accountability
  • Addendum: February 13, 2018

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