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Content Descriptions – Pages and Sections

4-01 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG)

  • US Department of Veterans Affairs: National Center for PTSD
  • Some Suggested Resources on PTSD and Recovery

4-02 Writing Our Personal Experiences of Abuse

  • Where Does My Story Fit on the Spectrum of an Individual Account of Abuse to an Institutional Case Study?
  • Basics for Writing About Personal Experiences of Abuse
  • Advanced Tutorial for Writing Personal Accounts of Abuse and Developing Case Studies that Connect Personal Experiences with Systemic Patterns
  • Transitioning from Individual Narratives to Institutional Investigations: Thoughts on Similarities and Differences Found Across Various Forms of Abuse

4-03 Resources for Abuse Survivor Recovery, Support Advocacy, and Social Activism

  • Abuse Recovery Resource Pages/Sites
  • Survivors – Self-Help and Recovery Resources
    • General Resources for Abuse Survivors in Recovery
    • Specific Resources for Spiritual Abuse Recovery
  • General Resources for Abuse Survivors, Support Advocates, and Social Change Activists
    • Futuristguy Tutorials on Topics of Social Transformation
    • Field Guides #3 and #4
  • Collaboration for Personal and Social Transformation

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