2-03 Training/Certification Programs on Dealing with Abuse and Violence


  • GRACE: Child Safeguarding Leader Training Curriculum and Certification Program
  • Global Trauma Recovery Institute, and Websites for Dr. Diane Langberg, Dr. Philip Monroe, and Trauma Healing Institute
  • Other Training/Certification Programs on Dealing with Abuse and Violence

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GRACE: Child Safeguarding

Leader Training Curriculum and Certification Program

HISTORICAL BACKGROUND. According to the Church Law & Tax website, child sexual abuse has been the #1 or #2 top legal problems for US churches. (See the section on Church Law & Tax: Top 5 Reasons Religious Organizations Go To Court on page 1-01 Child Abuse, Neglect, and Sexual Abuse for details and links to articles and statistics infographics.

Although sexual abuse of a minor has consistently been a dominant problem for US churches (regardless of theological stream) for at least the last 10 years, it has been difficult to get seminaries and other training programs to include training or certification on child safeguarding. The first U.S. seminary to require a training course on sexual abuse issues in all their degree programs was Dallas Theological Seminary. It was slated to take effect starting in the Fall term for the 2016-2017 academic year. (See the 3 credit hour course, EML620 Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse: MinistrySafe.)

GRACE. Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment (GRACE), led by Boz Tchividjian, has long seen the need for training Christian leaders on child sexual abuse issues, including responding to abuse as well as setting up systems to prevent abuse. GRACE associates have been working long-term to provide resources, curricula, and a certification program for church and ministry organizations. The following articles and links track some of the history leading up to release of major resources in 2017.

This March 18, 2013, article by Rachel Held Evans, No More Silence: An interview with Boz Tchividjian of G.R.A.C.E., includes the following topics:

  • Background on Boz Tchividjian’s legal work.
  • What GRACE does.
  • Common problems in how churches and ministries conduction prevention and intervention of child abuse.
  • False allegations of child abuse.
  • The problems with “in-house investigations” of reported abuse.
  • How Matthew 18 does/doesn’t apply to situations of abuse.
  • Resources planned through a National GRACE Center.

GRACE has had a team of experts developing a curriculum on child protection for use in colleges, seminaries, and training programs. According to this May 30, 2014, article by Boz Tchividjian – On-the-job training isn’t working – tentative topics in the curriculum include:

  • Characteristics of child sexual abuse and its many permutations
  • The profile and common behavioral characteristics of sexual offenders
  • Common spiritual impacts of child sexual abuse
  • A child’s perception of sexual abuse
  • Biblical and theological foundations for child protection
  • Best practices in child protection policies
  • Mandated reporting laws
  • Best practices in responding to active sexual abuse allegations in a Christian environment
  • Basic understanding of the current techniques clinicians use when working with abuse victims
  • Understanding of the purpose and value of professional mental health care for victims and perpetrators
  • Characteristics of the abusing families
  • Confronting past abuse within a church

For a review on the The Child Safeguarding Policy Guide, by Boz Tchividjian and Shira Berkovits (published August 2017), and other training resources from Boz Tchividjian, GRACE and its publisher, New Growth Press, see page 1-01 Child Abuse, Neglect, and Sexual Abuse.

See the page on GRACE Child Safeguarding Certification for details of that program.

See the GRACE website page on Resources for lists and links of Articles, Presentations, Videos, and Books.

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Global Trauma Recovery Institute

and Websites for Dr. Diane Langberg,

Dr. Philip Monroe, and Trauma Healing Institute

Global Trauma Recovery Institute (GTRI) is known for both the national and international scope of their work, which includes with traumatized populations such as displaced people/refugees. Their lead trainers are Dr. Diane Langberg and Dr. Philip Monroe. GTRI offers resources and also training series. They collaborate with Biblical Seminary (where Dr. Monroe teaches) to offer Continuing Education training credits for counselors, therapists, ministry leaders, and others who need CE credits to maintain licensure. See the page on GTRI Courses for an overview, plus links to course syllabi.

Additional related websites:

Diane Langberg, Ph.D.

Musings of a Christian Psychologist (blog of Dr. Philip Monroe).

Trauma Healing Institute (THI), American Bible Society. “We provide training, resources, and support to help the Church respond to trauma in communities around the world. Built on a solid foundation of mental health best practices, our Bible-based model leads to sustainable trauma care in any context.”

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Other Training/Certification Programs

on Dealing with Abuse and Violence

Additional trainings and/or certifications may be added to this section.

Jimmy Hinton discovered his father was a pedophile, and he reported him to the authorities. Jimmy has since gone on to study, write, and teach about issues of abuse. He has also produced a series of videos on Child Safety Training.

Bobby Ross, Jr., has written three pieces in The Christian Chronicle, based on interviews with Jimmy Hinton and others who are advocates/activists on abuse.

Clara Hinton is Jimmy’s mother. She blogs at Finding A Healing Place on topics related to pedophiles, and their spouses and family members.

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